At Preferred Primary Care Physicians, we believe good health is the foundation of the human experience, and the delivery of high-quality primary care makes this possible. That’s why PCP TOTAL CARE was developed…to lead the way in creating a better healthcare system that allows doctors to focus on the value of care, not the volume of fees.

PCP TOTAL CARE allows our primary care physicians, PCPs, to focus on the total well-being of each patient, from early interventions to treatment. Our doctors take the time to “know” you and better anticipate your needs, so you won’t find yourself navigating a complex, fractured healthcare system on your own. Instead, you get coordinated care – led by the doctor you know and who knows you.

What does this mean to you, our patient? Well, here are a few of the important advantages:

  • More time in periodic wellness visits and less time in the hospital
  • Lower readmission rates for Medicare Advantage patients
  • Lower out-of-pocket medication expenses
  • Seamless discharge and care management planning

Whatever your health concerns or needs, PCP Total Care provides you and your doctor with a comprehensive range of services that include general and preventive care, urgent care, chronic condition management, and more.

PCP TOTAL CARE. Health care in a different, and better, way. The preferred way.