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Nathan Bennett, MD, Certified Headache Medicine Specialist

Dr. Bennett provides the most up to date treatment of headaches and concussions. The most common debilitating headache condition is migraine. Migraine effects more than 35 million people in the United States. There are other types of headache and facial pain including cluster headache, hemicrania, and trigeminal neuralgia. Concussion causes several problems including headache (usually migraine), balance problems, trouble reading, fatigue, and depression. Both concussion and headache affect your physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being. Our focus is to help you and your family understand your condition and to develop the best treatment program for you. We want to help you regain the quality of life that you deserve.

Dr. Nate Bennett is one of approximately 300 Certified Headache Medicine Subspecialists in the country. He is a member of the American Headache Society, International Headache Society, and National Headache Foundation. Within the American Headache Society, he serves on and was the Chairman of the Primary Care Section and serves on the Academic Affairs, Behavioral Health, and Pediatric Sections. He is has been appointed to the Ad hoc Medical Education Committee and sits on the American Headache Society Committee on Headache Education.

Dr. Bennett is involved in the development headache guidelines and educational programs on a national level. He lectures on migraines and headache disorders to physicians, other healthcare providers, and the general public. He is also the principal investigator and author in many clinical research studies.

A board-certified family physician, Dr. Bennett completed his residency at Forbes Family Medicine Residency in Monroeville, PA (1993) and he is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College (1990) and graduate of Washington and Jefferson College (1986). He is the founder and medical director of the Preferred office in Pleasant Hills, PA.


  • To restore the quality of life of headache and concussion sufferers through use of the most up to date treatment techniques available.
  • To educate headache and concussion sufferers, their families, and other healthcare providers about the causes and pathophysiology of headache and concussion. We want everyone to understand that these are real neurological, not psychological, conditions.
  • To educate family members, healthcare providers, employers, educators, and the public at large about the devastating impact of headache and concussion on work, school, home, and play.
  • To establish realistic goals and expectations and to work together with our patients to achieve those goals.
  • To provide the most current and comprehensive therapies in the most cost-effective, patient-friendly manner possible.
  • To further our scientific understanding of headache and concussion and provide new and more effective headache therapies through research.


  • Comprehensive Headache assessment
  • Treatment plans may include one or more of the following:
    • Prescription medication
    • Over-the-counter medication
    • Natural supplements
  • Nerve blocks
  • Trigger point injections
  • Biofeedback
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Trigger and stress reduction strategies

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