Preferred Primary Care Physicians (PPCP) Launches New EHR Software

Electronic Health Records, or EHR, consolidate a patient’s medical charts into a digital format. EHR, the latest advancement in patient care, contain details of a patient’s medical history, medications, allergies, radiology images, treatment plans and lab results. PPCP recognized the many advantages Electronic Health Records offers, and this upgrade highlights the practices ongoing efforts to advance patient care. The new EHR will enable PPCP physicians to exchange information with one another remotely and in real-time, making sure every clinician dealing with a patient has current and accurate files. PPCP patients will also have access to historical medical information such as medications, lab results, imaging, appointments, diagnoses and more.

EHR Optimize Continuity of Care

EHR connect every healthcare provider involved in an individual patient’s care. This continuity is important to PPCP patient care delivery, especially when a patient needs to see specialists, manage diabetes and other chronic conditions, or plan a transition to home health care for recuperation or hospice.

Gregory Erhard, Jr., PPCP’s Chief Executive Officer states, “This change has certainly been a challenge to implement, and the launch of the Electronic Health Records software will no doubt disrupt daily operations at PPCP offices during the first couple of weeks, but the result will be better care for our patients. And better care is how we deliver on our promise to provide patients with that preferential treatment.”

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